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To all the misfits, counterculter'ers, bleeding hearts, offbeats, hot messes, outsiders, stressed out, the alcoholics and the addicts, the depressed, the unsatisfied, the worried moms and dads, those living in grief and loss, the ones who question their identity, the anxious, the labelled, the foster kids, the traumatized and the ones who never feel good enough or belonging.

Your story matters here

I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in the Province of Alberta with over two decades of frontline clinical practice in mental health & addictions.    I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW), a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW) and am committed to lifelong learning & professional development.

I parent two children, teach Trauma & Mental Health at the University of Calgary, publish children's books, love animals, ride a Harley Davidson and collect permanent artwork of the tattoo variety.

My trauma informed clinical practice integrates evidenced based treatment protocols and professional trainings, including Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF- CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Recovery Capital and creative engagement strategies.  Concepts of Indigenous Ways of Knowing,  Intersectionality, Developmental Psychopathology, Attachment and Biopsychosocial theories inform my integrative counselling services.

It may feel different sitting in a room with me and this is entirely intentional.  I practice holistically and intuitively, meeting you wherever it is you are in your healing journey to walk beside you.  My priority as your counsellor is to provide you a safe and trauma focused space, where you will not feel judged or alienated however still held accountable.  I bring lived experience of mental health, addictions and recovery which you are surely going to feel through my nonjudgemental support.  What's more, system navigation, community resources and advocacy will be part of your counselling experience with me being a seasoned social worker.  It's possible you might even laugh through some of your tears in my office and swearing is optional.

I look forward to meeting you. 


Until then, Hold Fast.


Star Metro Interview 2019
Star Metro
Jan 2019
Jo the Mindful Buffalo
I wrote this children's book as an effective tool for families interested in teaching mindfulness to their children. Coming soon!!!!
Star Metro Interview July 2018
Star Metro
July 2018
Quoted on the front page 2018
Star Metro
July 2018
Star Metro Interview May 2018
Star Metro Article
May 2018
Ursa's Warriors
The first children's book I wrote and published in 2015, designed to teach strength based coping strategies for children facing grief and loss.
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